Product Overview

Ensoll have two different types of wire cutting machine currently

Wire Saw 1.0 is a two wheel machine wire loop cutting machine.

It’s small and flexible, with four ruber wheels the machine can

be moved easily.The guide wheel can run 300  rpm per minite.

As a result of high linear speed, Wire Saw 1.0 can cut off  materials very fast.

It’s fitable for hard, brittle, soft, precious and rare material cutting.

All the materials can find a cutting speed by this machine which ensures

excellent cutting quality and speed.

The upcoming version can be used to do abnormity cutting!



Diamond Wire Saw 2.0 is a 4 wheel wire cuttingmachine.

It’s customized for our client,using for cut Ceramic .

We have the ability to design machine for special use.

diamond tools

Advantages of our Diamond Wire Sawing Machine

Flexible to remove and easy to operate. Servo motor+ PLCcontrol system, accurate the cutting positioning.

With extremely high cutting efficiency, the linear speed can be upto 60m/s.With excellent cutting quality, the cutting surface without wire marks.

With patented driving wheel self-tension system, greatly improved machine reliability and reduced failure rate.

Are simple to replace diamond wire. Automatically lift the tension wheel, and one person can complete the operation within 1 minute.

Servo motor+ PLC control system, accurate the cutting positioning.Optimized PLC operation program is easy to operate,  perfectly operate can be achieved after 5 minutes training.

With perfect Wire Breaking Protection System and Position Limitation Protection System, which ensure the operation more secure.


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