About us

Ensoll  was established in 2008.With High-Tech R&D team ,we have studied in the field of precision cutting technology for over 10 years.

The Laboratory have outstanding  ability in mechanical designing and high hardness brittle material cutting field,hundreds of patents belongs to our company .

We have the leading Knowledge of diamond endless wire blade and endless wire cutting machinery worldwide.

Ensoll has a R&D-centric enterprise architecture,there are 6 departments under R&D center.

The fields we have entered  are in bellow industries:

Photovoltaic silicon, Sapphire and Crystal ,Stone,ceramic,building material , gem-cutting ,university scientific research and so on .

Ensoll  is aiming to be a world leading precision cutting technology company .

Our products -Endless diamond wire saw and wire saw machine- are under strict quality check to ensure 100% reliable.

Here are application videos for your information

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